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Outdoor Mixed Reality Game  Computer games -- and their virtual 3D worlds in particular -- have been a main driver of very rapid technological development over the past few years, creating a significant segment of the international entertainment industry. Today, the PC games and console games that dominate the market tie the players to their monitors and controls. Games on mobile phones or PDAs may be played anywhere, but they also aim to focus the players' attention away from their real environments.

  Just a few advanced games go beyond the virtual world- paradigm, attempt to integrate the gamers' real environment in the game and to let the players perceive -- and act in -- their actual physical environment. Augmented Reality technologies now let us do just that, allowing game designers to start from a real physical environment and enhance it with virtual objects to create novel exciting games in an augmented reality-setting.

  NetAttack is one such novel indoor / outdoor mixed reality computer-based game whose playing field is a real physical setting where the players can move about freely.

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